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Right tools are basic need, a need felt for millions of years. When the great apes wandered looking for food, they reached for sample tools, sticks and stone from the ground. The tools they picked up and used unaltered provide them with real - time solutions.

With evolution, our human ancestors, created the fist tool, Knows as OLD OWAN TOOLS. It was nearly 2.4 million years ago, when these oldest know implements emerged in Gona and Omo Basins in Ehiopia. These tools carried the technology of the era. They were made after discovering the technique of chipping stones, chipping stones to create a chopping or cutting edge.

The "Cutters" were used to tear up carcasses or to strip though plants, or sometime they were used diggers. Stone that were smashed and broken to give a jagged edge on one end became the first stone tools deliberately made by human's ancestors.

This tool making culture grew, showing a remarkable proliferation of tool forms, tool materi ls, and much greater complexity of tools making techniques. Tools had evolved to influence, if not determine, human history. Tools have re-positioned its role; from the need to the necessity.

Today, the tools provide us with extra set of arms, to get things done in double quick time, more accuracy, and to meet the precision requirements. In Sri Lanka, the entire range of professional tools available under one roof, at THOMAS GROUP OF COMPANIES.